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Take part in something which can boost your presence as a marketer and show your potential employer or clients that you’ve been certified. Businesses around the world rely on the 405 Ads Data Analytical Certificate to bring them qualified individuals.

What is the 405 Ads Certification & Why Is It Important?

The 405 Ads Data Analytics Certificate is all about analytical thinking and not about knowledge of tools. Companies around the world spend hundreds of millions on their opportunity cost, HR labor, interviewing, and training to find top data analytical people. With many turnovers in the marketing department due to failed attempts to deliver by individuals and agencies, 405 Ads has stepped in to solve that very problem businesses face by analyzing individuals based on their performance in analyzing data first.

4 Step Protocol for Users Who Are Invited to Join: 

  1. Be accepted to participate in our Data Analytical Certification
  2. You will be emailed a raw data file
  3. You will help solve 1 question based on this provided files data
  4. You will have 48 hours to reply to our program for results

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