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E-commerce SEO is an innovative search engine optimization technique widely used to increase traffic for a website selling products online. In the modern SEO market, getting the highest ranks among competitors on Google is the key to success and a profit-driven channel for many eCommerce business owners. 405 Ads uses the latest e-commerce SEO techniques to optimize your website and help to get the expected amount of traffic to your webpage with conversion ROI driven marketing in mind.


Why is SEO Important for E-commerce Businesses?

Online sales have grown to be a widespread and popular method of consumption with the developing e-commerce market. This has led to the rapid growth of competition in the field. Hence it has become a must for businesses to improve SEO in order to succeed. SEO has the best ROI advertising, it generates valuable traffic providing the needed information to the audience that is interested in a specific type of product or service. The reason it has become one of the most effective marketing techniques is that through SEO you are able to filter and market your product to the audience that is already interesting to save the time and the costs to convince them that they need your

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How E-commerce SEO is Applied to Your Website

The high competition in online marketing search engines has made SEO for e-commerce platforms the most effective method to grow your online revenue and at the same time increase your businesses organic rankings for more exposure for consumers looking for what your business sells. If your curious what the steps of an e-Commerce Search Engine Optimization campaign are, see our steps below. All SEO campaigns are structured differently. Therefore when considering any SEO campaigns for your website it is best to consult with our SEO professionals and participate in our free consultation analysis by scheduling an appointment and audit of your website.

The Best Ecommerce SEO Strategies

Keyword Research

SEO is mainly based on research. Keywords constantly change directly affecting the rankings of your e-commerce website. So just like any other SEO campaign, e-commerce SEO should start with keyword research to find the keywords users are searching when interested in a product. Not only is our job to search and see what keyword will bring your website the most traffic, but our job as your SEO company would be to see which keywords also drive your business the most sales. A classic saying is you choose quality over quantity. With our SEO team’s help, you will meet the demands of your shoppers who are searching for what your businesses website has to offer. Keyword research is our expertise and one of the best ways to find the exact words your target audience is typing to find products/services your business provides.

405 Ads puts a strong emphasis on Keyword Optimization

Here is what we are focusing on while conducting Keyword research for your Business:

  • The page title
  • Headers
  • Subheaders
  • Paragraph copy
  • Product descriptions
  • Image file names
  • Image alt tags
  • Meta title and description
  • URLs

Link Building

There are a few main factors affecting your E-commerce website’s Google Ranking which you need to consider to rank properly:

  • Content building
  • Link-building
  • Citation building
  • Onsite link-building
  • Offsite link-building 


Including a High Domain Authority Website Link to your E-commerce website will strongly improve your sites SEO. 

405 Ads uses four main types of link-building in E-commerce SEO campaigns:


  • Resource Page Link Building
  • Partnership with Influencers
  • Article Link-Building


SEO Link-building is challenging and can seem quite a complex task to do. It requires research, analysis, and strategic planning in order to boost traffic. Our SEO professionals have over a decade years of experience performing search engine optimization for various e-commerce websites on many platforms to boost sales and visibility.

We Have What You Need. Allow the 405 Ads team of e-commerce SEO experts easily achieve the task of link building on your website.

Content Marketing

According to statistics, attractive content increases traffic by engaging more users who are already on your site. Just as important, attractive and descriptive content is used to help your website’s trust with Google. With more trust from Google, you will help increase your website’s organic rankings. With more attractive content on your website, you will help your visitors take action on your website whether it be getting leads or getting online sales. 

Steps for getting attractive content for both users and Google: 

  • Blogging

It is remarkable that according to marketers blogging is the most preferred SEO strategy when it comes to E-commerce. A descriptive and educational blog is not necessarily selling a particular item or service. Rather a blog is used as content and is usually linking back to your website internally for a better onsite SEO strategy.

  • Product Description Writing

A successful e-commerce retailer includes unique, informative and SEO friendly descriptions in the category pages. You want to be clear on what you’re selling. Therefore it is best to include this content to help convince the potential buyers what it is your offer and why your product is better than the rest out there. 

Evaluating SEO Success

In internet marketing, reality demands change so rapidly that it is always important to keep on track in order to remain on the highest ranks among your competitors. This requires an evaluation of SEO success from time to time. SEO success is based on the success of three different components of your business’s webpage, usability, the relevance of the content and level of the authority of the webpage. Through the latest SEO evaluating techniques, it has become easier to find the key performance indicators and demonstrate your businesses path and growing tendency. The metrics will help you not only to achieve but also maintain a high ranking while competing with the most high-authority brands in the market.

Our services include SEO success measurement calculating ROI and proving whether SEO efforts are working for your E-commerce business.

Measuring  e-Commerce SEO Success We Use:

  • Google Analytics- to measure organic traffic and get engagement metrics
  • Ahrefs –to track search rankings properly  

By evaluating SEO Success you easily keep on track of the demand changes affecting your rankings and find the strategic improvements that need to be done.

Technical SEO

An innovative technique focused on providing the best experience to users.

Technical SEO Includes

  • Site speed improvement
  • User Experience/ User-Friendly Site Development
  • Mobile Friendliness of the Website

405 Aads helps to improve Technical SEO by performing E-commerce SEO audits and evaluating you businesses website every step of the process. To get your free e-commerce SEO audit, contact 405 Ads today for a free quote and analysis of your e-commerce website. 

Site Architecture

E-commerce site architecture is all about the way you need to set up your website’s navigation categorizing product pages properly. So it is aimed to make your e-commerce website user-friendly gathering the most needed information on the first pages. Basically, it is all about making it as easy as possible for users to find quickly what they need from your website. The less the number of clicks on your business’s homepage the better is your site architecture from SEO side. Pages that are buried deep in the architecture of the website are not easily visible in search engine rankings. Therefore improving the architecture of our e-commerce website will improve your business’s rankings in general.


It’s about Optimizing the Most Important Pages to Appear First

The Rules of a Good E-commerce Site Architecture

  • The website needs to be simple
  • No page should require many clicks to navigate to another page
  • Pages need to include high relevant URLs


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Our SEO Process

Although our process has been refined over the last 13 years, we have continued to be innovatative, and make sure we stay on top of the SEO strategies that work. 405 Ads works hard to stay ahead of the curve with honest SEO practices that provide websites with traffic and conversions. See some of our must do steps for any SEO marketing campaign we start.




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Why We’re the Top Rated E-commerce SEO Marketing Company

405 Ads based in L.A. we have a team of eager professionals that are ready to help you build your internet marketing presence through means of AdWords campaigns, organic search engine marketing, landing page optimization, and more.

Our internet marketing services are research-based, focused on making your business profitable reducing ROI.  By cooperating with us you will work with a dedicated marketing team with years of expertise in the field.

Our internet marketing specialists are certified and have a huge experience working on developing business success paths and opening new doors for your company. We combine our skills and knowledge with customer requirements and do the best to make your business lead the top charts. We love what we do and are always ready to help you with our services. Give us a call now.

  Why we are the Perfect Fit

  • We are always a step ahead of time
  • We are constantly updating our methods and marketing strategies and techniques
  • We are a team of creative, communicative experts who prioritize customer requirements and needs.
  • We speak with facts and demonstrate numbers
  • We emphasize online and offsite marketing strategy to boost your sales and lead businesses to success.
  • Customer Satisfaction is a must for our team


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