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Marketing is changing and SEO is constantly evolving. So it requires a lot of efforts to keep up and stay on the top with the brands that have the highest rankings. This is why nowadays we have a growing number of lead generation services targeting leads in potential consumers and passing their information and requests to the merchants, constantly trying to adapt their content to the SEO demands.  

SEO for lead generation requires a good strategy. Therefore to make a business succeed it is important to determine your leads. SEO is a significant part of marketing today as it is an opportunity to get more qualified leads by attracting more traffic to your website.

What is Lead Generation SEO and Why Is Lead Generation So Important

  • Increases a website’s ranking through the proper business-related keywords
  • When potential customers search by typing the needed keywords they easily land on the merchant’s company’s webpage finding what they need
  • If provided content is informative and meets the customer’s needs then you have high chances to convert such visitors into leads

Here is how SEO works with lead generation

  • SEO helps to increase your website’s rankings by navigating you to use the right keywords
  • Potential customers who are searching for specific items find your content and get redirected to your business’s website. This increases traffic to your site.
  • If they are satisfied with what they find then they become a lead and you can move into the sales side

The lead generation SEO experts at 405 Ads will help your business research to find the best lead generation platform for your business. 

When it comes to lead generation SEO the very first thing that needs to be done is to figure out what types of leads you are targeting. Some people might underestimate this simple step, but it is critical to understand we are aiming to generate leads with a high conversion rate by sending the most relevant search traffic to the landing page. The more in detail you know the easier to find the leads that cost less yet convert higher. Having a clear picture of your target audience will make it easier also to target the potential customer and match them for your website’s goods or services offered.

As you get more connected with your leads, communicating with them through informative and interesting content you can develop further the SEO strategy using the latest keywords to attract more and more users.

We consider a web traffic click to become a lead when the user takes action on the website either by performing a call or submitting a contact form.


How to Convert Website Traffic into Leads

As soon as potential consumers have visited your website, you should make it easy for the user to become a lead whether it is through a phone call or email form submission. Marketing strategist know how important it is to funnel interested audience toward a sale. One of the most common methods used in online marketing is the call-to-action button and link into a particular product or service you feature. For instance, if your traffic source is searching for home bathroom remodeling, then the landing page which the user appears in should be focused on bathroom remodeling and should list your phone number, and contact form. This is a basic example of a lead generation source for internet marketing professionals.

Creating a strategy to get SEO sales lead

To create the perfect strategy that will engage more leads and raise traffic it is necessary to follow these steps:


  • Get to know your audience – collect the main characteristics of your audience including age, gender, sources of information and key challenges. This will help you to create buying personas.
  • Define your leads – know what you can consider as lead generation-defining criteria to be able to measure the success of your SEO lead generation strategy. An example of the mentioned criteria can be when a user signs up to become an email subscriber.
  • Constantly monitor rankings – to reach success and maintain your position in the top charts of the most successful brands among the competitors you need a baseline to be able to measure the improvements of your lead generation strategy.

A lead generation marketer may be responsible for invoicing the merchant or service provider who buys the leads.  Some affiliate services brokers may also act as lead generation marketers. By the same token, lead generation marketers may act as affiliate service brokers.

In the marketer-lead generation relationship, there are three main parties engaged in the processes

  • The marketer  who refers traffic to the lead generation company
  • Lead generation company leads consumers to the merchants
  • The merchant that creates lead’s list from the lead generation company

Search engines like Google created their algorithms to assign lower rankings to lead generating sites in important generic keywords to provide consumers the easiest path to obtaining the products and services they are in search of.  This practice works in favor of the providers of products and services over the lead generation industry. However, lead generation companies often use their resources to identify and create content based on queries that consumers use to find specific information.

Methods 405 Ads is using for a Successful Lead Generation SEO


  • Keyword research

We conduct a deep analysis of the keywords segregating words with the lowest rankings from those with the highest ones. This way we have a list of the keywords potential customers are typing in trying to find what they are looking for. This is a continuous process aimed to keep on track of the changes and lowering the risks of losing potential leads.


  • Increasing Sales through Ads

We focus on the quality of the content making it attractive and well-structured to steal the attention of users interested in a specific product or service. Using strong or soft CTA (call-to-action) buttons we make potential customers to click on the link of your product or service to find out more and if convinced buy. Our metrics help to keep on track of the number of times a certain ad has been checked which creates grounds for updates and new improvements.


  • Analyzing & Working on New Methods

We put a strong emphasis on the research and analysis of the content and the target audience which basically are the two key components for a strong lead generation SEO. This helps to choose the best method to promote your business and raise sales.osing potential leads.


405 Ads helps to identify your leads to turn them into sales

While SEO itself helps to generate traffic, build trust and make your business a high authority brand, your business should compromise of good customer service, good content, and most important a good product or service with plenty of demand from consumers. 

  • We work closely with businesses to increase revenue. We are a team of eager professionals with years of experience in marketing approaching every new project with the goal to help business to grow and reach success.
  • We know that high SEO ranking is not enough which is why we focus on increasing your business ROI on any search engine marketing plan you choose.
  • “Our performance-based search engine marketing strategists will sit down with you or consult with you on what needs to be done to increase your business’s revenue
  • We have 5 Star Yelp and Google reviews for businesses worldwide
  • We customize every client’s projects based on their individual needs and goals
  • We’ve handled over $100 million in Google ad spend in the past 5 year


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