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Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing is an immediate solution to drive traffic and generate leads. The term, PPC, encapsulates various forms and types of advertising, however, the general structure remains the same (a company creates ads on the platform of their choosing to be published by the platform to a myriad of digital destinations, then, if a user clicks on the ad the advertising platform bills the company for the click). PPC is valuable because you pay for clicks rather than impressions. The most well-known version of PPC advertising exists directly on search engine results pages in the form of text ads or paid search listings. PPC simply denotes the agreement between the marketer and the ad publisher, you display my ad, and each time someone clicks on my ad I will pay you.

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PPC management agencies excel at locating and exploiting opportunities in the market based on their client’s business needs and user demand. Professional PPC management starts with reviewing the client’s business model, competitors, current lead generation tactics, effective sales channels, consumer trends, and the clients’ existing advertising accounts (if applicable). From there a strategy is formulated. A digital outreach plan balanced between cost, volume, and quality. For example, certain PPC ad types may serve different business segments better than others, particular advertising platforms may generate higher conversion rates based on the underlying user composition, or bid adjustments must be implemented based on the ads messaging and placement. Creating and establishing a custom marketing formula is the first step toward building a more productive advertising infrastructure. PPC management also entails regular testing and modification to ensure maximum value capturing and growth. 

405 Ads an agency that specializes in PPC management can handle your entire digital marketing portfolio, from social media ads to search and display ads. Diversifying your company’s PPC portfolio is an important step in growing your business and will yield higher conversion rates at lower costs while highlighting campaign performance segments.

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The largest source of PPC activity comes from search engine marketing. Google being the dominant search engine around the world (92% market share) also means that their advertising platform, Google Ads, retains the majority of PPC activity. However, professional PPC management requires understanding the client’s needs first and building a comprehensive marketing campaign that considers all of the possible advertising vehicles to ensure high-quality traffic at the best price. 405 Ads utilizes all major search engines when managing PPC marketing for clients. Following a data-driven PPC approach, our agency is able to discover consumer trends and search engine opportunities that will elevate your marketing efforts.  

Google Shopping Ads PPC

This is a product based PPC advertising service provided by Google and Bing Ads. Recognized as the series of images with titles, prices, and reviews at the top of search engine results pages. Shopping ads are an eCommerce-specific pay-per-click instrument. And when they are properly managed will become a powerhouse sales source for both tangible and intangible product selling. Shopping ads are subject to approvals and updates, hiring PPC experts will enable you to take full advantage of this advertising avenue. 

Paid Text Ads

These are the listings at the top and bottom of search engine results pages (SERP) that feature slight differentiation from organic results. Generally, the only difference between a paid listing and an organic listing is the word “Ad” either before the listing title, description, or a slight partition for where the ads start and stop on the results page (this depends on the search engine and user settings). PPC text ads are on all major search engines and can most easily be created in Google and Bing. 405 Ads PPC management will define keyword targets, bids, locations, durations/times, dynamic or static, callouts, and other relevant attributes of the text ad model as to improve your PPC capacity and advance your marketing efforts. Text ads are subject to approvals and optimization, 405 Ads is a Google and Bing partnered agency with PPC managers that are dedicated to achieving the highest performance and meeting all operating standards and updates. Text ads can be distributed to the platforms’ search partner syndicate or narrowed in scope, knowing how to position your advertising campaigns is where PPC management shines. 

Display Ads

Generally seen as an image with text, display ads are available in a multitude of configurations and possibilities. Display marketing is shown on search engine display networks and represents a fantastic mechanism for retargeting campaigns and large-scale outreach marketing. 405 Ads will analyze your business market to effectively secure a niche within the vast display network for your brand to operate and drive traffic. 

Local Services and Maps 

Two ads types, Local Services ads and Maps ads. Both are geographically targeted PPC ads by nature. Local Services ads are the sponsored service-provider cards at the top of location-specific searches for services (plumbing, legal, real estate, etc). Map ads are the advertisements on the map’s portal that location-specific searches will generate, usually differentiated as an ad by a text icon and different map-pin colors. Local Services and Map ads are both PPC types that require detailed business information and proper setup/maintenance to ensure quality control and cost per click optimization. 

The ad types mentioned above are some of the biggest pay-per-click models available to businesses today. At 405 Ads we build PPC strategies that take all of these possible routes in mind and allocate budgets based on the best performing ad types as viewed through our data-intensive approach to online marketing management.

Social Media PPC

Another form of pay-per-click marketing is available through all major social media outlets. Featured posts, sponsored links, images, text, and products. The ad types and platform settings span from pay per click to pay per impression and other potential catalysts. 405 Ads is experienced in Facebook/Instagram marketing, Twitter promotion, LinkedIn advertising, Pinterest, and all other social media PPC portals. Often combining search engine-based PPC campaigns with social media-based PPC campaigns yields high user engagement and wide-spanning brand outreach.

Amazon PPC

The largest retail store in the world. 405 Ads manages multiple Amazon PPC campaigns and has experience building profitable advertising campaigns within the Amazon backend. 


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