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I am exceptionally impressed with this companies ability to analyze my businesses target client base and actively coordinate with his team in developing multiple marketing strategies to increase my businesses revenue. Within just 30 days, Simon increased my businesses revenue and doubled my client base while keeping my advertising costs lower than initially projected. These results substantially exceeded my expectations considering I’m a practicing attorney operating in a highly competitive market in Los Angeles. His professionalism, dedication, strategic planning, and management make him an absolute asset to any business seeking financial growth.

2016-12-05_0101-copyJohn R, Owner. 


Online Active Wear

As a retail and online business I’m fascinated by the work 405 Ads has done for my online marketing. Sales have grown dramatically and we are always welcomed by their office for meetings and account overview sessions.

We spent too much time trying to figure out how the online search engines work and by the time we did something either it would be waste of time or money or both! When we found 405 Ads not only did we save time, but we improved sales, our appearance and our overall business strategy with their efforts.

These guys are the real deal and I can’t speak more highly about them!


Lisa & Jack P. Owner, Co-Owner of Online Active Wear

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I firmly believe that our firm has maintained our position as California’s leading law firm due to the constant attention we have been given our account.

405 Ads has been extremely detailed-oriented and always seems to have another idea to improve the results. We’re getting hits from all over the state due to his excellent word-smithing. Can’t say enough about his dedication.

2016-12-05_0101-copySteve D. Founding Partner 


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