Google My Business FAQ

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What exactly is “Google My Business”?

Basically, GMB or Google My Business is like an online business card with all the basic important information about your business. Such as address, phone number, hours of operation and so on. GMB has a process for verification to ensure that all of your information is valid and correct. Google My Business needs to be set up so that people can find you on Google Maps. Without GMB your business will not be in Google search results.

How long do I have to wait to show up on Google after setting up “Google My Business”?

From our experience, it will take approximately a week or two to start seeing improvements with analytical reports. Gradually, throughout the next few months, you will see major improvements.

How can I see the benefits Google My Business is generating?

Google My Business has a section called “insights” which is similar to Google Analytics. Signing up for monthly maintenance of your GMB account will ensure that you will see improvements with momentum in the following months. You can see analytic data and reports that is very valuable towards improving your business such as:

  • How many times someone actually visited your website from Google search results
  • How many times directions to your business were requested from Google
  • How often your business shows up on Google Maps
  • Which users call your business through GMB links

How much does Google My Business cost?

Google My Business (GMB) is free to use. Although it is recommended to leave GMP set up and optimization to the professionals because you could be losing potential customers and profit if not done correctly. It is highly advised to work with a professional SEO and online marketing agency such as to fully optimize your GMP listing for maximum leads.

I already have a website, why do I need GMB?

Google My Business is a great way to increase traffic to your existing website. We will be able to provide reports and analytic data that shows exactly how much traffic is being sent to your website from GMB. Google Analytics and a special tracking code will show you the benefits of GMB.

Do I have to have a website first before I can get Google My Business (GMB)?

Although we are the biggest fans of the internet and always encourage every business to have a professionally designed and optimized website, you can set up GMB before you have your website. Google My Business does not need to be set up with your website, in the beginning, this can always be added after.

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What is the new question and answer feature on Google My Business (GMB)?

When people use Google to search for a local business, some might have questions that won’t be answered from the main page itself and requires additional information. If the customer’s question can’t be answered, they will move on to the next listing. This is why Google added a Q&A section to GMB where customers can ask questions such as hours of operation during holidays, or what forms of payment are accepted… etc. Customers will submit their question and the business owner will need to reply. These Q&A’s will remain on the GMB page for other users to view in case they might have the same question. 

Why is the Q&A section of GMB important?

Since GMB is the online business card of your company, it is important to leave a good impression for existing and potential customers. Prompt and thorough replies make customers feel like they matter to your business and are more likely to leave a positive review. If a prospective customer notices that your GMB page has a lot of questions left unanswered, they will most likely think that the business owner does not care and they will move on to the next one.