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Are you searching for a Bing Ads management service to take your business to the next level. If your business is currently using or is considering using Bing Ads, the agency 405 Ads is a certified Bing Ads Partner to help drive the success of your campaigns on Bing. While Bing might have 2.69% of global search volume, and another 1.40% if you factor in Yahoo, AOL, and other search network partners (Search Engine Market Share, 2020), this search engine shouldn’t be missed out on due to many factors which can help drive up your business. Microsoft’s search engine, Bing, when compared to the sheer scale of Google is minute, yet when you consider Bing’s strengths on their merits alone, a compelling story unfolds. And for the savvy business owner, a cost-effective and highly targeted marketing strategy emerges. 

13.5% of global personal computer (PC) users, 13.9 billion PC searches monthly, and 639 million active PC users, Microsoft search network users are differentiated by high click-through rates and conversion percentages (Microsoft, 2020).

Largely modeled after Google Ads, Bing Ads offers similar ad types, tracking and analytics, and ad standards – yet only a fraction of your competition utilizes Bing Ads.

Properly managed Bing PPC marketing opens new market segments and reaches 44.2 million searchers missed by Google (Microsoft data, 2020). 405 Ads is a licensed agency dedicated to managing your Bing Ads account to get the most ROI for your campaign which will enable you to reach new heights by generating leads on the second largest search engine (NetMarketShare, 2020). As a Certified Bing Partnered Agency, we are confident our Bing management services can deliver remarkable results for your business.

The Strengthens of Bing Ads

Less Competition

Bing Ads is an underutilized digital marketing platform and often goes overlooked or misunderstood by brands and agencies alike. This advertising phenomenon offers the ability to connect with a new group of internet users. With a smaller market share and a correspondingly smaller assembly of advertisers, Bing keeps a low profile, which ultimately benefits your objectives. Reaching interested people, experiencing greater interaction, and lowering your cost per acquisition. 

Lower Cost Per Click 

Thanks to decreased competition, your Bing Ads account may operate at a significant discount while generating leads and traffic via Microsoft advertising. Averaging a cost savings of 33% (Irvine, 2018)

Higher Click-Through Rate

59% of users on the Microsoft search engine network conduct product research and 37% use the search engines for brand discovery (Microsoft Data, 2020), Bing Ads aids their search and your sales generation by positioning your company in front of those searchers.

Bings Ads is a powerful tool in the right hands, 405 Ads is experienced in building, maintaining, and growing profitable Bing Ads accounts. Target local customers or a global audience, pay per click marketing on Bing Ads facilitates deeper community relationships and the ability to reach your customers where they spend their time. Bing PPC management involves account setup, tracking codes and webmaster integration, ad optimization, continued consultation, and ad improvement. From copy to bidding, we handle all the steps required to seize valuable opportunities on the Bing Search Network. 

Different Bing Ad Types to Choose From

Get More Leads from Bing Ads With the Ever-Growing Popular Features It Has to Offer

  • Product Ads (shopping/merchant campaigns) 
  • Expanded Text Ads (smart text ad campaigns for optimization)
  • Dynamic Search Ads (based on searcher intent and website offerings)
  • Responsive Search Ads (ad copy optimization campaigns)
  • Direct App Instal Ads (text ads specific for app-based business models)
  • Microsoft Network Audience Ads (display ads on Bing partnered websites)

Why Paid Advertising on Bing Ads?

If you are a client of 405 Ads that has engaged our SEO services you may wonder why you need to pay for SERP listings at all. The answer is simple, your customer is everywhere, and you need to control your exposure. Organic results are great, and SEO will get you there – but SEO requires time, while Bing PPC makes reaching customers immediately actionable. As a veteran agency we suggest starting with SEO and SEM on Bing simultaneously, let PPC carry the load until SEO has time to mature, then with our consultation you can find a happy medium between paid and organic search traffic.

Bing Keywords

Finding your niche on different search engines is the mission behind hiring PPC specialists. Bing keyword research and other third-party tools, supply us with the information we need to create a Bing keyword strategy that fits your budget and meets your goals. Keywords for your business may be different than keywords on other search engines (due to volume, preferences, intent, and types of users). The Microsoft search engine network commands 37.5% (Microsoft, 2020) of desktop search in the U.S. This may lead to changes in how people search on Bing as opposed to how they search on other search engines. Long-tailed keywords play a particularly important role in Bing and we will help you discover the correct combinations for you.

Is Bing PPC Right For You?

Advertising control, Bing proffers advanced settings to fine-tune marketing campaigns, outreach, and conversions. As an agency that specializes in PPC management, our marketing team formulates quantitative PPC strategies. We focus on the numbers, and our data-driven approach to search engine marketing ultimately yields the highest results for our clients and your company’s customers. Bing PPC naturally fits into our advertising blueprint and whether you are currently on Bing or not, we will help advise you to make the best decision for your business.


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