SEO Tips and Tricks For 2021

You Can't Rank Without Doing this Part of Your SEO Anymore

With the global pandemic last year, many things changed globally and the entire universe of SEO

As of now, the fact that Google changes the SEO algorithm every year is world-famous. 

Google loves changes so much that they introduce at least 500 times a year. The way we used to do search engine optimism changed with the entry of Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant.  

Although the basics of SEO have not changed as of now, some notable changes are worth mentioning.  

Let’s start with the basics. SEO is the fundamental of digital marketing that helps your website show up on the top of the search engine result page.

In simpler words, when a search engine user enters keywords related to your business, your SEO hard work should pay off and show your website on the top of the results.  

If your website is not in the top charts, this blog will help you because something is not right in your SEO approach. 

Do you want to know what might be wrong with your SEO strategy? Then it would be best if you bookmarked this blog as soon as possible. 

We have the top ten tips of 2021 that will help you win the smartest battle from your competition. 

#1 User Experience

Google now ranks websites that their users are looking for, only the most accurate ones. 

Google has already made it clear that RankBrain is one of the essential factors ranking any website. 

“Experts,” thought a year back in 2020 that this factor will be changed by the end of the year. However, Google had other plans in mind. 

So, the same factor will be around for at least a few coming years, too; if someone is visiting your website, the person should stay there for at least three mins. 

If your visitor doesn’t think that you are providing the same information as you advertise via keyword SEO, Google will feel the same.

When your visitor opens your website and leaves without spending enough time, your website ranking will drop. 

If you are trying to rank your website and have a higher bounce rate, your website will not get a higher SERP rank. 

On the other hand, if a person enters your page and spends a good time at it, your page’s ranks will rise. It will also help in a scenario if your page is already in the top five list. 

So, the best way to provide your website’s visitors the best experience is to provide accurate content and medium tail keywords. 

When you optimize the page with medium tail keywords, it will optimize several similar keywords and rank your page for the exact keyword. 

#2 Passages are Here to Redeem

When you present a website to the internet to billions of users, some people may search for something you’ve written on the 10th page, and some might be satisfied with your introductory page.

Back in October 2020, Google announced that they had made significant progress with passages. So, now Google doesn’t just index your pages but your page’s passages as well. 

So, if a user is searching for a passage on your page, Google pinpoints that passage, which automatically makes your page rank better. 

Google declared that this addition would make Google search queries in all languages more accurate, roughly by 7%. 

#3 Featured Snippets and Their Types

Featured snippets are the new favorite of webmasters, and they will be in trends in 2021 as well.

If you desire to see your business website featured as a snippet, you should learn about the featured snippets format.

  1. Paragraph
  2. List
  3. Table 
  4. Youtube 
  5. Carousel
  6. Double-featured 
  7. Two-for-one. 

Although the majority (81.95%) of the featured snippets present at the moment are in paragraph format, you still can try going for the list, YouTube, carousel, and table formats.

When FAQs are the best way to target the paragraph featured snippets, blogs/articles are the perfect way to target list format.

On the other hand, while targeting the table format of featured snippets, although the blogs will work too, keep the number of rows over four.

The information seeker will have to click on your website to get the whole table. At the time, Google will rank a video on featured snippets as it is optimized correctly.

Just write a good description, and even when your video is not in a featured snippet, its description can still make the cut.

The trick to rank for the carousel featured snippets is to provide as much information as you can on one page.

Ranking for double featured snippets is a little tricky. You have to choose keywords with multiple definitions and meanings. When Google is unsure about the searcher’s intent, only then it shows double featured snippets.

When aiming for two-for-one featured snippets, always use a lot of adequately optimized images in your content. Google can show your image with other website’s content or vice versa.

#4 Mobile SEO

Mobile SEO will be the biggest hit this year. In 2019 63% of all Google searches were generated from smartphones in the US, which backs this claim. 

While optimizing your website for a mobile user, you have to think like a mobile user first.

Keep everything simple and personalized according to your friends with smartphones.  

Experts are of the view that Google will soon consider your mobile website for ranking. 2021 will be the year of mobile SEO. 

You should start giving your 100% to your mobile SEO if you want to keep ranking higher on SERP.

#5 Relaunching Your Top Content

No one believed if we’d suggest it a few years back. After all, who would want to give their viewers old content, right? 

Wrong! Google, the gods of all search engines, wants us to reshare our top content. 

When you write a blog, what do you do with that? You share it on social media, where it stays alive for 10-15 days, a month tops, and then vanishes. 

So, this is what you can do. Dig out your old content. It might be one, two, maybe five years old. It will work if relevant.

If you want to do a minor change, you may, but do not touch the URL. It would help if you kept the same URL at all costs.

Some webmasters claim that this trick has given them 500% to 1000% gains in no time. 

You have to update the content according to the current trends and technology in mind.  

Do a relaunch in 2021. Everyone loves to be nostalgic, enjoy the digging. 

#6 The Voice Search

The majority of the world is going wild behind the voice search features. 

As per Google, by 2020, whooping 27% of the world’s entire population was using voice search services. 

Another report by ComScore claimed that over half of smartphone users are using advanced voice search technology. 

This changes the SEO game for good for all the traditional webmasters. Your titles, your focused keywords, everything has to be very humanistic. 

There is a good piece of news for the lovers of long-tail keywords; voice searches are primarily long-tail keywords.

When people are using voice searches, they are targeting precision. 

Many studies have also suggested that if you managed to get a voice searcher to visit your website, there are good chances this lead will convert.

Voice search is still a new feature in many countries and is running towards perfection. 

People are opting for it. As an intelligent SEO expert, you should get optimize your website, keeping this young trend in mind. 

Use More Headers

Longer content is the future of SEO. We all know that famous SEO expert Neil Patel has been endorsing it for some time now. 

So, it is only thoughtful to add more headers to your content when you are presenting longer content.

It means there should be more h2 and h3 tags in your content. This will help you to add more keywords to it. 

Also, it will help you provide a better user experience to your visitor. No one wants to read big chunks of content now. 

One of the enormous benefits of more headers is that they can help your content qualify as the featured snippet.  

It is a win-win situation, after all. 

The Bottom Line

These are all the tricks and tips that are changing and will change the SEO world in 2021.

With the rise of AI and AR in the technology universe, SEO practices will change even further in the coming years. 

We are looking at some of the top changes the world is going through at the moment. 

It does not matter if you are an experienced webmaster or a fresher looking to make a name in the market. This blog will surely help you. 

The world changed a lot in 2020. The lockdowns brought every business over the internet. 

E-commerce is not just an additional service now. It is a necessity. The market, if anything, has widened even more in this one year. 

If you work carefully enough, it will be fruitful for you and your client. 

Go, get them!