Why Your Competitor Keeps Outranking You

Rank Like Your Competitor From an Expert SEO Company

Frustrated much? It is a common problem in the ever-changing world of Google and SEO.

When you own a business, it is natural for you to want your website to rank first. It is a desire that every single website owner has in their heart.

However, not every single website can be ranked first, and currently, if yours is diving deep on the search list, this blog can help you circle out what your competition is doing right. 

The basics of getting a website on top of search results haven’t changed for ages. All you do is:

  1. Write amazing content.
  2. Optimize your code. 
  3. Create a great user experience
  4. Mix in some backlinks.

Getting your website on desired results is just as simple yet complex as that.

Challenging because this is the longer route. Simple, because it is your hard work that will do the trick along with little patience. 

At the point where you are in the world of SEO, you must believe that you have known everything that is to be understood. Let’s dive straight into the information you have not acquired yet. 

They Are Optimizing the Right Keywords

Keywords are the pillars that, when used correctly, will raise any average website to the top of the charts. Google uses these pillars to see how relevant your page is to the query.  

It is a keyword’s job to ensure that your pages pop up in every possible related search.

For instance, if your product is wine glasses, your focus must be on keywords related to an average person’s search-related glasses. 

“Where to buy wine glasses in *Your city*.”

“Where to buy the best wine glasses in *Your state*.”

Sounds simple right? It is simple if your competitors do not have internet access. Sadly for you, everyone has it these days. 

Now, multiple persons are targeting one keyword and building links hundreds and thousands in some cases. 

Now you must determine which keyword has the least competition but the highest possibility of getting searched. 

You can use multiple online tools for the purpose Ahref is one good example if you want it for free. However, the market is filled with options once you have decided to buy software for your keyword selection. 

Once you’ve selected your keywords, make a list of five top rankers of all the keywords. You have to analyze what they are doing right. What is working for them will work for you too. 

In the process of keyword optimization, content makes all the calls. 

A keyword is like a new organ into a body. If the body accepts it, it shall work.

Otherwise, it is just another disease to it. Your content should take your keyword as its part. 

No stuffing at any cost. An average reader should not be able to tell what keyword you’re using. 

They’re Working on It Longer Than You

Google, at times, acts like an apartment owner. No matter if the website is sending weaker or fewer signals, if they’ve been around for longer than others, they will get the higher rankings.

The formula behind Google’s older the better behavior is that they have had more time to accrue them. 

If your competitor’s website is older than yours, chances are Google never had a problem with them. Their rankings are just a reward for playing by the rules.  

You have to be patient. Keep your head down and keep on working soon. You’ll make enough links to show Google your worth. 

Desired search engines such as Google may find trust in you if you are playing by the rules too. 

It can be scenario one. Scenario two will be that your competitors have made decent links in all these years. In the second scenario, your innovative work will help you and the rest of this blog.

Their Pages are Better Structured Than Yours

At times it is the simplest of the things that are weighing your website down. 

Before starting your cruise into the wide world of search engine optimization, take a hard look at your page’s structure.

How well organized are your pages? When your page is well structured, is scannable, and has higher usability, your rankings will go up automatically.

To give your page a better structure:

  •       Add images in your content

Add at least three images to your content. They are used to engage people, to make people stay longer at your page.

  •       Use bullet-point lists

Just as we are doing, to break the text, you should use bullet points. It will make it easier for a reader to read important information.

  •       Write catchy title tags

Your title tag possesses the power to make a reader enter your website. The title tags are the face of your content. They have to be catchy. If you’re spending an hour on content, then spend at least ten minutes on the title tag.

  •       Write to the point but informative meta descriptions

Just below your title tags is the meta description that is your second chance to lure a reader into your website. The tricky part with meta description is that you only get 160 characters to tell all about your page. Be creative, to the point, but informative. 

  •       Customize each URL 

Your URL is your last chance on a search page to make the searcher click on your link. Simplify your URLs. They should tell your reader what to expect from your content. With snippets’ introduction, everyone wants to gather as much information on the search page without entering any website. Please give them the information that will make them open your page.

They Have the Right Code

SEO with codes is a complex business. If you do not have the codes, the chances of getting an excellent ranking for your website drowns. 

Meanwhile, if you have good underlying codes, there are no guarantees that your website will get a good rank.  

Then again, forward-facing codes are the best friend of every search engine’s crawler. 

So, while making a forward-facing code for crawlers, create it as frictionless as you can.  

If you are using the services of a webmaster, it is wise to check your forward-facing codes.

If there are any bad codes, your SEO professional can fix them. It is the essential most work of a webmaster.

Their Pages Are Faster Than Yours

Your page’s speed is an essential role player for your rankings on any of the top search engines. 

On the other hand, even if you manage to get a person to visit your website, they’ll leave as soon as your page slows down on them. 

For the fact, 53% of your traffic will leave your website if it will take more than 3 seconds to load. 

You know, as they say, if you want to test someone’s patience, give them a computer with slow internet. 

In the search engine optimization universe, we are trying to do precisely different than that. 

A visitor is a king for us. We do everything to keep the king on our premises (website).

In the pressure and pursuit of providing everything, people at times end up making their website slower. 

Your website’s bad rankings can be a reflection of your slower pages. 

There are several tools on the internet that can help you detect why your pages are slow. 

Google’s PageSpeed Insights is the most in use tool in the market for page speed testing. You can try that. 

PageSpeed Insights is a massive hit in the SEO community for its accurate suggestions and the fact that it’s free.

Their Other Online Assets are Stronger

Yes, the SEO world is expanded outside your Google My Business account too. 

Your profile can be weaker than yours, have lesser reviews, and might even be incomplete than yours, but if that business’s other assets are stronger than yours, it will rank better.

These “other assets” are the social media handles of the business and other direct listings. 

Your Google My Business profile is still the most efficient online asset. It is still one out of many.

Ending Note

So, these are some of the possible reasons behind your competition’s success over your work. It is essential to understand here that nothing in the SEO universe comes easy or quick.

There are no fair shortcuts when you are following white hat SEO and are following Google’s rules. You have to be patient. 

You have to keep on working hard and smart. There are approximately 1,197,982,359 in the world in January 2021, according to a survey by Netcraft.

Most of them are working in the same direction to get their website in top search results. 

The pandemic has made the online business a necessity for every small, mediocre, or large business. 

With the back-to-back lockdowns all around the world, e-commerce is blooming so is the SEO world. 

It would help if you kept working hard on your pages’ optimization; it will pay off eventually. Also, it is essential to keep up to date with Google’s constantly changing guidelines. 

The number one place is to keep working smart.