Why Having an Agency Manage Your PPC Campaign is Still Smart


Pandemic has driven many businesses to restrict their marketing budgets, but with the situation slowly improving and the market reopening, businesses have started investing and restoring their marketing budget all over again. They have started evaluating new digital approaches to grow their businesses. 

You too? 

Yes, if you are looking for a sales focused approach or a marketing strategy to gain a foothold in your industry, this article is for you. 

While SEO is one of the most effective ways to grow your business and improve your digital presence, it can take weeks and even months to rank on the top of the SERPs. Instead, try PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising. Essentially, Google ads are not leaving the race any time soon. This means PPC marketing services are here to stay for even longer so it’s best you find a PPC management agency that can step in and help your business.

If you are struggling to choose between hiring an agency and sticking to in-house marketing, we believe you are already aware of the fundamentals of marketing and thus we don’t find the need to help you understand the intricacies of PPC marketing or advertising.

Pay-per-click marketing, specifically on Google, has been experienced and witnessed by everyone who uses google for researching literally anything. It has become such an important part of the marketing industry that Google has tools especially designed to make the process easy for beginners who cannot handle or take out time to understand how the system actually works. It may seem easy to use PPC marketing campaigns all by yourself to save a few hundred dollars that you will have to invest in hiring a marketing professional for the task, but it is not. 

Let’s first understand how PPC helps businesses and why an agency will be better in handling your PPC campaign and earn back your investment.

How Pay Per Click Helps Businesses Grow?

In times where the competition in the digital world is fierce, PPC can help businesses thrive. Here is how.  

  1. A Set Budget

One of the major reasons why PPC is an effective marketing strategy for a business is that it is always in line with your budget. Do you know why? Because you control the daily, weekly, or monthly cap. This way you can initially allot a small budget and if you are not satisfied with the number of leads your business is receiving, you can increase the time or vice versa. You can end the advertisement as where and when you deem perfect. 

In other words, with PPC, you are always in control. You can never go over budget as you are designing the campaign according to the budget itself. Also, did you know that search engines like Google rewards businesses that run effective ad campaigns? Amazing, right? 

If you have an agency design your PPC campaign, they will get the best out of your budget. They have years of experience developing successful campaigns. There is no one better to trust with your investment than them. 

  1. Target Your Demographic

One of the most essential aspects of a successful advertising campaign is to understand the ideal audience for your product and target them effectively. Precisely what PPC does for you. 

In Pay Per Click campaigns you can use simple statistics to target your ideal demographic and get quality traffic to your website. Fill in the right details about your audience and you are good to go. The statistics that you can use to target your potential customers include their location, age, gender, and even purchasing schedule. 

To run a campaign effectively, business owners or digital marketing handling the PPC campaign must have adept knowledge about the backend statistics of the business. To begin with they should know who is purchasing the product, when they are purchasing the product, and where they are from. That is simply the first step towards creating a successful Google campaign. Once you understand this, you will be able to develop a successful PPC campaign that targets your ideal audience without any hassle. 

  1. You Don’t Have to Wait for The Results

As suggested earlier, while other orthodox strategies work, they do take a lot of time to show results. They require a lot of effort and time. Are they worth it? In a certain sense, yes. But are there any alternative methods that show results quickly? Of course! PPC is the solution to your problem. 

To put things into perspective, unlike organic reach, PPC shows instant results. It is true that search engine optimization and other organic search strategies are extremely important for any business to succeed in the long term, but Pay Per Click will show you results the next day. Also, it gives you the opportunity to test your strategies effectively. Otherwise, when you are AB testing, you have to wait for months to understand which works better for your brand. So, if you want quick results, choose PPC over other techniques. 

Now, answer this question – Who is better equipped to do this AB testing? A business owner or a marketing agency that understands the ins and outs of PPC. 

  1. Effective Payment

PPC is the sole marketing channel where you pay exactly for what you want. What we mean is that in other marketing channels, you have to pay for banners and ads where there is no surety that you will actually see notable results. In contrast, in PPC advertisements, you pay each time a user clicks on your advertisement. 

Essentially, you are paying for each customer that is visiting your website. Isn’t that much better than paying for a banner that thousands of people will see but only a fraction of them really visit your website. Anecdotal evidence suggests that because of its payment model, PPC is considered to be a better investment than most marketing channels available today. 

With that said, PPC is not everything. It does not magically get you sales. It only gets you visitors but you still need a good website and product to get a sale. So, each user that comes from PPC is not guaranteed to turn into a buyer. One thing is for sure, you will get traffic. 

  1. Analytics and Data

Are you a marketing or analytic nerd? 

If not, become one because the power that data and analytics have, money can never beat it. This data if used effectively to devise marketing and advertising strategies, no way your business will not be successful. 

Do you know that PPC is a marketing channel that helps you collect a lot of data? For instance, every advertisement that you post will collect performance information that includes, clicks, impressions, and conversions. 

A good marketing team will use this data to enhance your existing marketing strategy. You will notice a considerable difference in your future advertising campaigns if you use the data effectively. That is where an agency comes into the picture. For a business owner and someone who does not understand much about digital marketing will not be able to help reach any PPC campaigns full potential. Someone with an expertise in advertising will only be able to use analytics and data the way it is supposed to be. 

Why Is Managing PPC by Yourself a Bad Idea?

Asking you to not manage your marketing by yourself may seem a little self-promotional but we are not saying this for our business, it’s you that we are concerned about. Your business, be it a startup or an established company with a reputation to uphold, will always remain your baby that you want to nourish and help grow organically in the best manner possible. Right? 

We understand where you come from and like another business, we would like to inform you that trying to work on every task without any outside help can be both tiring and prone to losses. There are some things that others are better at. Let experts handle it. 

You will certainly save the money that would otherwise flow out as a fee for agency or salary for a professional manager but you will invest way more than that in running campaigns that will eventually be unsuccessful. This statement is not to demotivate you but to show you the reality of the marketing industry. It seems easy to work on campaigns when you look from the periphery, even the simplest task, as easy as researching for a keyword for PPC advertising can heckle you once you start working on it. The competition in almost every industry is beyond imagination and it is extremely difficult to get visitors through the wrong keyword.

Even if you end up finding the perfect keywords, you will need time and expertise to manage, track, analyze and optimize the campaign from time to time. This requires expert knowledge which we as a professional marketing company have in abundance. Have any questions about PPC, have a word with our team of experts.